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Tehama County Economic Development

Tehama County’s educational institutions, training programs, and collaborative initiatives collectively contribute to the development of a skilled and competitive workforce in Tehama County, fostering a strong connection between education and local employment opportunities.

Education and Training

Tehama County is committed to cultivating a skilled and adaptable workforce through various educational institutions, training programs, and initiatives.

Website: https://www.shastacollege.edu/campuses/tehama/

Location: The Tehama Campus of Shasta College is situated in Red Bluff, providing accessible higher education opportunities to Tehama County residents.

Programs: Shasta College offers a range of academic and vocational programs, including transferable courses, associate degrees, and certificate programs to prepare students for diverse career paths.

Partnerships: The college collaborates with local businesses and industries to align its programs with the needs of the workforce.

Website: https://www.buttecollegesbdc.com/

Providing Training and Workshops: The SBDC offers a wide range of training programs and workshops that equip entrepreneurs and small business owners with essential skills and knowledge, thereby enhancing their employability and job creation potential.

Supporting Small Business Growth: By assisting small businesses in the region, the SBDC contributes to the local economy, creating job opportunities and fostering workforce development through entrepreneurial ventures.

Connecting Businesses with Resources: The SBDC connects businesses with resources, networks, and partnerships, facilitating access to talent and expertise, which in turn contributes to the development of a skilled and adaptable workforce in the community.

Website: https://www.employers.org

Comprehensive Training and Workshops: California Employers Association, we are committed to enhancing the capabilities and success of businesses throughout the state. We offer training and resources tailored to equip entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals with essential skills and knowledge.

Vital Resources: Our platform serves as a dynamic hub that connects businesses with an extensive network of resources, partnerships, and expertise. We facilitate seamless access to talent and knowledge, paving the way for the development of a highly skilled and adaptable workforce within our community.

Website: https://www.tehamaschools.org/

Career Technical Education (CTE) Programs: The Tehama County Department of Education supports CTE programs in local high schools, offering students hands-on training in various career pathways, such as agriculture, healthcare, and technology.

Work-Based Learning: Initiatives like work-based learning experiences and internships connect students with local businesses, providing practical insights into their chosen fields.

Website: https://www.nvoc.org/

Location: NVOC, part of the Butte County Office of Education, serves students in Tehama County.

Vocational Training: NVOC offers vocational training programs in fields like healthcare, automotive technology, and construction, equipping students with the skills needed for in-demand careers.

Website: https://www.cmtc.com/californias-manufacturing-network

Partnerships: The Center for Economic Development at CSU, Chico, collaborates with Tehama County to facilitate economic development initiatives.

Research and Resources: The center provides research and resources that support workforce development, entrepreneurship, and economic growth in the region.

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