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About Tehama

Tehama County Economic Development

Tehama County presents a compelling economic landscape characterized by diverse strengths and promising opportunities. Anchored by a robust agricultural sector producing almonds, walnuts, and olives, the county showcases resilience in traditional industries. Simultaneously, a strategic focus on manufacturing, including food processing and wood products, underlines its adaptability to modern economic trends.

Tehama County’s commitment to fostering innovation and technology-driven enterprises positions it as an emerging hub for businesses seeking a dynamic environment. With a skilled workforce supported by educational institutions and workforce development initiatives, the county is poised for sustained growth.

As the region continues to diversify and leverage its unique strengths, Tehama County stands as a promising economic powerhouse in Northern California.


Tehama County is located in the northern part of the U.S. state of California. Situated in the Sacramento Valley and bordered by the Coast Range to the west and the Sierra Nevada to the east, it is known for its diverse landscapes, including agricultural areas, woodlands, and the Sacramento River. Its strategic location, nestled amidst natural beauty and offering an affordable lifestyle, further solidifies Tehama County as an attractive destination for both residents and businesses.


Tehama County covers an area of approximately 2,951 square miles (7,650 square kilometers). The county’s size contributes to its varied geography and supports a mix of rural and urban communities.


As of the last available census data in 2020, Tehama County had a population of around 65,795 people. The population density is relatively low, reflecting the county’s predominantly rural character. Red Bluff is the largest city and the county seat of Tehama County.